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Austin Crist

Some of Austin's Accomlishments:

  • Won team roping as a header at the IFYR in Shawnee, OK 2012
  • Kansas High School Rodeo Assoc- team roping heading champion 2012
  • National High School Finals Qualifier 2011 & 2012 (placing 10th in TR  2011)
  • Colorado High School Rodeo Assoc- Reserver Heading Champion TR
  • National Junior High Rodeo Assoc Qualifier 2009 & 2010 (placing 3rd in the TR)
  • Colorado Junior High Rodeo Assoc- champion Breakaway Roper 2010
  • Colorado Junior High Rodeo Assoc-champion goat tyer, placing in top 4 in all other three events
  • Placed 4th in the NLBRA Finals in Breakaway
  • Placed 2nd in the NLBRA Finals in the team roping as a header
  • Qualified for the NLBRA finals in all my events every yr I was a member since age 7
  • Have won several yr end saddles/awards at the Colorado Junior Rodeo Assoc Finals
  • Won #10 USTRC in Pueblo, CO 2010


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Stockton Graves, 6x NFR Qualifier

As a college rodeo coach for Northwestern Oklahoma State University, I face the extreme challenge of scouring the country, trying to identify top talent that could potentially compete at the collegiate level.  Every year, I receive thousands of films from recruits and attend hundreds of rodeos in order to evaluate young talent.  Unfortunately, I receive videos formatted by a vast variety of systems and find that I am unable to view many of the submissions I receive. I am sure we are missing young kids who have extraordinary talent simply because we cannot watch their videos.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University is proud to sponsor the Rodeo Recruiting website.  The development of a video management website that competes with other major college sports recruitment process will transform our sport and help kids to be noticed and recognized for their abilities. The RR website gives me the opportunity to watch every video posted and catch every kid with great potential.  As a college coach, it will allow me to focus my recruitment efforts and see more kids who possibly would be a good fit for our rodeo team.  I know this website will benefit the rodeo community and offer young kids the opportunity to post their videos and have them seen by college rodeo coaches all over the country. Stockton Graves



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Central Wyoming College

Practice Facilities: At Central, consistent and regular practice is one of the reasons our rodeo athletes have been successful at both the collegiate and professional level.  Sessions are scheduled each week day from the beginning of both fall and spring semesters to the end.  CWC has indoor (80 x 250 ft) and outdoor (150 x 300 ft) facilities, giving rodeo competitors the ability to hone their skills at all times of the year.
The students may board horses at the facilty, giving your animals outdoor runs and covered stalls.
The rodeo participants have the luxury of practicing with PRCA-quality bucking horses and bulls provided by Wade Sankey and New West Rodeo Productions. The timed event cattle come from local contractors, so there is always quality stock for practice.

Scholarships:  Central Wyoming College and private donors offer a variety of scholarshihps.  Awards are based on scholastic or activity-oriented abilities.  The schoalrship program is continually revised to better meet student needs and interests.
The most current listing of scholarships can be viewed on the CWC website  Unless otherwise indicated, applications for scholarships should be made to the Central Wyoming Cllege Financial Aid Office by the Scholarship Priority Deadline of March 1.  Initial scholarship awards will be made following that date.  Applications received after March 1 will be considered only if additional scholarship funds become available.  Students are enouraged to apply for scholarships as early as possible.
All Central Wyoming College students who are recipients of scholarships must meet the standards of progress requirements stipulated in the scholarship section of the CWC website.  Standards of progress requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship and individual recipients should familiarize themselves with the standards applying to them.

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